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Online shop CHEMIGROUP rules

As we want to ensure safety of yours and ours data, we ask you to carefully read terms and conditions of online shopping on www.CHEMIGROUP.LV (hereinafter - Rules).

1. General conditions

1.1. These conditions (Hereinafter - Rules) are active between the buyer of goods (hereinafter - Buyer) in online shop CHEMIGROUP (hereinafter - Seller) and an owner of online shop SIA CHEMI GROUP HOLDING (hereinafter - Owner) for establishing the rules of buying and selling, and also for resolving questions related to the legal obligations of both parties.

1.2. Purchase process in online shop CHEMIGROUP is regulated by the rules of The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia № 207 Regulations Regarding Distance Contracts http://www.likumi.lv/doc.php?id=62580 and also by Consumer Rights Protection Law http://www.likumi.lv/doc.php?id=23309.

1.3. Buyer, ordering goods in online shop CHEMIGROUP on web-site www.CHEMIGROUP.LV by fulfilling Order, fully and unconditionally accepts terms and conditions described in Rules. Buyer guarantees that all conditions in Rules are clear to him and he/she accepts them in full amount. In case Buyer does not accept at least one of conditions described in Rules, he does not have rights to use www.CHEMIGROUP.LV

1.4. Buyer has to read actual Rules and accept them by clicking "I accept terms and conditions" while making an order.

1.5. Owner (SIA CHEMI GROUP HOLDING) keeps rights to unilaterally modify, correct and edit Rules and prices of offered goods, according to legal institutions. Modified and corrected become active right after their publication on www.CHEMIGROUP.LV

That is why it is Buyers responsibility to check regularly if any changes have been made to Rules.

1.6. Goods in online shop CHEMIGROUP have an informative character. All pictures and descriptions are maximally close to the reality, but not always give precise picture about the goods, as well as, goods may differ from what is shown on the picture.

1.7. By registering in online shop CHEMIGROUP, Buyer receives individual unique identification by representing username (login) and password. Individual identification of Buyer provides possibility to avoid unauthorized actions by the third parties.

2. Registration

2.1. Only registered Buyers can make an Order in online shop CHEMIGROUP.

2.2. Seller is not responsible for the information provided by the Buyer during Registration process.

2.3. After registration process in online shop CHEMIGROUP Buyer gets individual unique identification by receiving username (login) and password. Individual identification opens access to additional services.

2.4. Buyer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his login and password, which were chosen in registration form. In case Buyer has some doubts about confidentiality of his login and password or has suspicion that third party is using it, Buyer has to inform about that Seller as fast as possible by sending e-mail to Customer service. E-mail has to be sent from the address chosen in registration process.

3. Placing an order

3.1. In order to place an order Buyer fills an electronic Order form with help of Electronic basket, choosing payment method and specifying correct delivery address. Buyer sends an Order to the Seller through the Internet.

3.2. Before confirming Order, in position "Order" Buyer is informed about Terms and conditions and accepts them by clicking on the button "I accept terms and conditions of online shop CHEMIGROUP and rights of refusal". Buyer is not able to place an order in case Buyer has not accepted the Rules.

3.3. In case Buyer has some questions about properties and characteristics of the Goods, before placing an order Buyer has to contact Seller by sending an e-mail. In case Buyer has not contacted Seller, then it is accepted that Buyer does not have questions about properties and characteristics of the Goods while placing an order.

3.4. After successful completion of Order information about status of Order is sent to Buyer by the e-mail. Status of Order indicates on what step of processing an order Buyers Order is.

3.5. In case, if after receiving an Order Seller detects that ordered goods or necessary numbers of goods are out of stock, Seller informs Buyer about that by sending an e-mail. Buyer has rights to accept available number of goods or cancel the order by sending the e-mail to the Seller's e-mail.

3.6. Buyer can cancel the Order before Order has been sent to the Buyer. Buyer cannot change his/her order, including delivery address and selected goods once the Order has been sent. In this case Buyer can cancel his/her Order according to the point 3.6 (only before the Order is sent to the Buyer) and place a new Order with new data.

If Order is cancelled, payment for this Order is refunded back to the Buyer. If Order was paid by the bank transaction and cancelled, only 90% of sum will be refunded back to the Buyer.

4. Payments

4.1. Price of Goods in online shop CHEMIGROUP and in placed Order will be listed in one of these currencies including VAT: EUR, 

4.2. Payment method has to be selected while placing an order:

4.2.1. Bank transaction on bank account: LV73 RIKO 0002 0100 39969; LV22 UNLA 0050 0210 31801

4.4. After the Order has been placed, confirmation e-mail with full information about Order status and payment will be sent to the Buyer.

4.5. Order is accepted only after it has been paid by one of the mentioned methods. In case if payment is made by bank transfer, but is not received by Seller during 4 working days (including time which might be needed for international transactions) – Order cancels automatically.

5. Order delivery

5.1. For Order delivery Seller uses the services of courier company LATVIJAS PASTS and VENIPAK.

5.2. Order delivery is available to all regions of Latvia.

5.3. Delivery costs for every Order are calculated automatically according to the weight of Goods or whole Order, region and type of delivery, and are specified during placing an Order.

5.4. Order is delivered to the Buyer or a person (hereinafter - Recipient) who is named in Order as a Recipient of the Order.

5.5. Terms of the delivery depend on the selected type of delivery: Riga (within 1-2 days) or Latvia (within 1-3 days).

5.6. Buyer also accepts that in exceptional cases Order delivery may be late because of unexpected and unforeseen by the Seller circumstances. In such case Seller is obliged immediately to contact Buyer and confirm Order delivery.

5.7. In all cases, the Seller is released from liability for delay in Order delivery if Order is not delivered at all or not delivered on time because of Buyer's fault or circumstances which depend on the Buyer, such as:

5.7.1. Buyer provides correct address or other information necessary for Order delivery.

5.7.2. Buyer is not at agreed with courier place and time.

5.7.3. According to other similar reasons, guided by the criterion of rationality, defined as the wine of Buyer.

5.8. Buyer, when receiving an Order, or other person, who is authorized to receive an Order (hereinafter - Recipient), together with a courier is obliged to check the form of the parcel. Bill or other document that proves parcel delivery, signed by the Recipient, indicates that parcel is delivered in proper condition. If Buyer detects some parcel damages (wrinkles, wetness, or other external damages), then it has to be identified in the bill or other document that proves parcel delivery. If the Recipient does not do this, Seller is released from liability for damaged Order caused by damaged package, which were not indentified according to the procedure mentioned above.

5.9. In case if Buyer cannot receive Order in agreed time and place he is obliged as fast as possible to inform about that the delivery company. Repeated delivery is made maximum two times. If Buyer repeatedly cannot receive Order he/she has rights to receive it by himself/herself at specifically agreed with LATVIJAS PASTS or VENIPAK place. In those cases if Buyer is not able to receive Order for three times, Order will be returned back to online shop CHEMIGROUP and payment will not be returned back to the Buyer.

6. Warranty and liabilities

6.1. Characteristics of all Goods in online shop CHEMIGROUP are written in description.

6.2. Seller is not responsible for damage caused to the Buyer by the wrong usage of Goods.

6.3. Seller is not responsible for the fact that Goods, which are on sale in online shop CHEMIGROUP, my differ by their colour, form and other parameters from real size, forms or colours because of desktop options used by Buyer.

6.4. Goods descriptions in online shop CHEMIGROUP have only informative character and usage of this information does not bear any legal obligations between the visitor and the owner of online shop CHEMIGROUP. Accuracy of the description of goods may not meet the informative criteria of the Buyer.

6.5. Seller is not responsible for the content or functionality of external web pages.

6.6. Seller has rights to give away his rights and duties in relationship with Buyer to the third parties.

7. Return of orders

7.1. The Buyer has rights to return the ordered items within 14 days after receiving them. The return of Goods is available only if outside look, consumer properties, original package and labels are saved. Rights are valid only if Buyer can show documents, which prove the Goods purchase (invoice, bill or cheque).

7.2. According to the Consumer Rights Protection Law, Seller has rights to refuse taking Goods back or ask for compensation if Goods were returned back not in original package, package has damages, or slight traces of use are seen, such as scratches or similar defects.

7.3. Buyer has rights within 14 days after receiving Goods to exchange them for the same, in case bought Goods do not suit Buyer by their size, style, form, colour or shape only if outside look, consumer properties, original package and labels are saved. Buyer is charged additional delivery costs for the delivery of new Goods.

7.4. If in the moment when Seller receives returned Goods form the Buyer, Seller cannot provide the same Goods, Buyer has rights to refuse these Conditions and ask Seller to refund the cost of the Order.

7.5. Payments are returned to the Buyer the same way they were received when paying for the Order, or after the written request from the Buyer, payment may be transferred on the account provided by the Buyer, in case Seller has such possibility.

7.6. In the case, when simultaneously payment is being returned to the Buyer's account and the Order is being returned to the Seller's store, Seller returns necessary amount back the same way that amount was received.

7.7. Buyer is responsible for maintaining the quality and safety of Goods during the period with the refusal rights.

7.8. If Buyer starts using Goods, he/she accepts that Goods correspond to the ordered Goods and Order cannot be returned.

Complaints about defects are reviewed according to the rules of The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia № 631 (http://www.likumi.lv/doc.php?id=141276).

8. Confidentiality and protection of personal information

8.1. Information provided by the Buyer:

8.1.1. During registration process in online shop CHEMIGROUP Buyer provides following information: Name, Surname, e-mail address, post address, phone number, and password to access online shop CHEMIGROUP.

8.2. Use of the information provided by the Buyer and received by the Seller

8.2.1. Seller uses information provided by the Buyer:

● to register Buyer in online shop CHEMIGROUP

● to fulfill its obligations to the Buyer

● to analyze the work of online shop CHEMIGROUP

● to inform Buyer about new collections and active promotions.

8.2.2. Seller has rights to send advertising and informative messages to the Buyer only if the Buyer accepts it by subscribing to such kind of messages. If Buyer does not want to receive such messages from the Seller, Buyer can unsubscribe from them by sending the e-mail.

8.3. Disclosure of information received by the Seller:

8.3.1. Seller is obliged not to disclosure any information received from the Buyer. Seller does not consider it violation of confidentiality rule if information is provided to the third parties that act under contract with Seller to fulfill obligations with the Buyer.

8.3.2. It is not considered violation of confidentiality rule in accordance with applicable requirements of the law of the Republic of Latvia.

9. Disputes and disagreements

9.1. Buyer guarantees that all conditions of Rules are clear to him and he accepts them unconditionally and fully.

9.2. Arguments that may appear as a result of implementing of the Rules can be solved by negotiations. In case the agreement cannot be reached between online shop CHEMIGROUP and the Buyer, each party has the right to defend their rights according to the law of the Republic of Latvia.

9.3. In case court invalidates any of the items in mentioned Rules, this does not invalidates remaining items in Rules.

10. Final provisions

10.1. Purchase Agreement between Seller and the Buyer is considered concluded after the Buyer has made his/her first Order.

10.2. According to the Agreement, parties accept the validity of the documents, texts received by e-mail, along with the written documents.

10.3. Parties will take all measures to settle disputes and disagreements that may arise according to the obligations in Agreements and solve them by negotiations.

10.4. All other cases, which are not described in Agreement, Parties will proceed according to the law of the Republic of Latvia.

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