Patents and awards

Control and registration of products

The quality of each company Chemi Group Holding product is confirmed by the following state institutions:

  • National diagnostic centre of products and veterinary department (laboratory of clinical and micro biological researches);
  • The State agency of social health ( chemical laboratory, laboratory of virology researches);
  • The State centre of tuberculosis and lung diseases (bacteriological laboratory);
  • The A.Kirhenschtain Institute of microbiology and virology of Latvian University (Testing laboratory of antimicrobial and antivirus activity);
  • The Stradin Riga's university (laboratory of hygiene and professional diseases).

Official statements

All our products are constantly tested in the State agency of social health, with the giving of hygienic marks and many times were certificated in Latvian certification centre and in Lithuanian State centre of social health „ Public Health Center" with CERTIFICATE giving.
All products with antibacterial action (consisting biocides) are registered in the Latvian agency of environment, geology and meteorology, with giving INVENTORY NUMBERS, as well as used in medical enterprises, in State centre of health statistics and medical technologies, with giving REGISTRATION ID.