About us

Our company

Chemi Group Holding is a leading Company in the field of production of professional washing, cleaning and disinfecting remedies.

In 2005 our company has been independently audited and certified to be in conformance with ISO 9001 standards. Every manufactured product is being tested on quality and corresponds to EU ecology normative.
Native and abroad components that we use in our production do not blight human and environment and it is our main working principle. That is the reason why the circle of our clients is constantly enlarging.

Today we have long-term partnership with governmental institutions, industrial plants, hospitals as well as private companies. Our product quality and price meet the most fastidious buyers.

Our Products

Our products have the same quality as the best foreign samples. Our company is the local producer (Latvia).

The quality of each our product is confirmed by the State agency of social health (hygienic valuation and registration), as well as by the A.Kirhenschtain Institute of microbiology and virology of Latvian University, the Stradin Riga's university and the State centre of tuberculosis and lung diseases.

All disinfecting products and products which contain biocides are registered in the Latvian agency of environment, geology and meteorology and have an inventory numbers. Product's range is enriching all the time due to researches on improving actual compositions, as well as development and introduction of the new products. Of course, our company studies and takes into consideration the wishes of our clients.

All the components we use, both native and foreign, do not harm human and environment, and that is our main working principle.

That is why the circle of our clients is increasing all the time. Our products were appreciated by right by many Latvian state organizations, factories, medical organizations and other enterprises which seriously choose a long-term supplier of high-quality professional washing and disinfecting cleaners and cleansers.