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For companies

We will provide your company / organization with the necessary detergents and disinfectants. We serve both companies and state institutions.
You can place an order in our online store or by contacting the sales manager: +371 29177480 holding@chemigroup.lv
If you want to receive a personalized offer directly to your company / organization, feel free to contact us.
We enter into long-term cooperation agreements with companies, state institutions and individuals for the purchase of disinfection, washing and cleaning products you need.
For food and manufacturer industry companies
For households and offices
For Educational institutions (schools, kindergartens
For medical institutions
For Hotels and Various Catering Companies
For ports and transport
1. Choose a product
2. Put It In The Cart
3. Enter Information
4. Select Delivery
5. Select Payment
6. Agree to the Terms
7. Confirm Purchase
Own R&D department
Eco-friendly mixtures
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